The Dinner Club: My Kitchen Away from Home

The Dinner Club: My Kitchen Away from Home

I don’t know about you, but after I get home from a long day at work I’m not particularly interested in putting on my apron and whipping up a nutritious and delicious five-course meal. So for a while I was scraping by on leftover-surprise casseroles, quick boiled pastas and take out.

On the weekends when I was excited to cook a nice meal, I was constantly being disappointed by the contents of my cabinets. They always seemed to be bursting with obscure and rarely used foodstuff, but when I really needed just a teaspoon of minced garlic, dried basil or onion powder, my spice shelf let me down. There’s nothing worse then going through the trouble of planning a wonderful meal and finding, halfway through the process, that you’re missing that one essential ingredient. I was beginning to despair that I’d never come home to a nice meal again!

And then I discovered the Dinner Club.

The Dinner Club in just one of the many meal assembly businesses that have been cropping up all over the country in the past three years. At the dinner club, when you walk into the chic little shop you’ll find a dozen stations set up on shining stainless steal counters with all the ingredients and implements you need placed in convenient reach. The instructions for each meal are placed on the counter beside the prepared and divided ingredients. At each station you’ll make a different meal. Just last week I brought home a Five Star London Broil, two meals’ worth of Manhattan Steak Spirals and delicious Greek Isle Pasta.

I love these meal assembly places because they are quick, convenient and so much fun.

In the hour or more it would take me to make one meal at home, I can prepare a dozen meals that will last me for weeks. Rather than making the same meals over and over again with the same supplies in my own cabinets, I have entirely new meals that wouldn’t have been possible for me before every other night. I get to chat with friends and meet other people who love cooking (and quick and easy preparation!).

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it definitely is cheaper to eat at home than go out, but the meal assembly business combines the best of both worlds! Check out this link to find a meal assembly place near you.

Have your own experiences with a meal assembly business or a place like it? Share it below in the comments!

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