Target’s Sweet Italian Treat for the Heat

If you’re like me, you have witnessed the frozen yogurt craze but it has left your sweet tooth craving something a little more indulgent. 

To my surprise, Target now sells gelatos imported from Italy that combine all the decadent, creamy goodness you desire. After testing out three of the flavors available: Tiramisu, Amaretto Cherry and Pistachio, I am delighted.

Somewhere between traditional ice cream and custard, gelato’s texture is perfectly creamy. The flavors of various gelatos actually taste like they should – a much-appreciated change from ice cream’s muted flavors.

The first one I tried, my soon-to-be favorite, a minty green colored pistachio garnished with crumbled pistachio nuts. Perfection. Instead of the rock hard ice shavings usually found at the top of traditional ice cream tubs, this gelato’s presentation was almost as good as its taste. My spoon went in like butter through the creamy treat and the added crunch of crushed pistachios was just enough to send my spoon running through (maybe a little too much) of the gelato tub.

Next up was the Tiramisu. Everything that I love about tiramisu has been incorporated into this treat. The bright yellow gelato is generously covered with powdered espresso beans again adding a complimenting texture to the creamy dessert. The flavor for all of these gelatos is bold and satisfying to say the least.

At this point my gelato intake for the night was reaching the limit.  I had just enough willpower left in me to try one more spoonful of the Amaretto Cherry. I was not disappointed. Once again the flavor and presentation of this gelato was exceptional. Yes, it actually tastes like real cherries – not the syrupy kind you find slathered all over your sundae.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Target’s Italian addition. Say goodbye to traditional ice cream (the brain freeze king) and hello to a creamy dessert that just might have your taste buds shouting “excellent!” or maybe “Molto bene!”

A taste of Italy from Target; who knew?



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