This Egg is Slightly Cracked

My friend and I have a running joke that involves us going to some out-of-the-way diner and the waitress being a rude old woman with a smoker’s rasp. Instead of having menus, she only asks “you want eggs” over and over again. If I were to ask if they had pancakes, she’d say “we’ve got eggs” and the vicious cycle would continually repeat itself. Eventually, we’d have to break down and order eggs. While that may be one hell of way to start a blog post about eggs, I thought the title would’ve tipped you off. Keep reading for why eggs are one of the most versatile and beloved ingredients in the kitchen

The old question asks whether the chicken or the egg comes first. My pre-vegetarianism reply would be “who cares, they’re both delicious.” Eggs are great, and can be used in so many ways. One of my favorite prep-methods involves soft-boiling them, cracking the tops open, adding a little bit of Sriracha, and dipping some bread in the yolk. When I was a kid, that notion would have disgusted me. Clearly, back then I was a plebeian.

Now that I’ve joined the egg-savoring master race, I love to experiment with all kinds of ways to use them. While I’m still not even a halfway decent baker by a long-shot (and am still the first Google result for “baking inept”), I can whip up one mean French silk pie. That’s what’s so great about eggs, they can accompany you all the way from breakfast to dessert without skipping a beat.

Just like butter, eggs are extraordinarily versatile. Use the whites to whip up a quick batch of meringues, use the yolks to make some thousand island dressing for that Reuben you’ve been craving. If you want to find some recipes that use eggs, check out Recipe4Living and get crackin’, literally (I couldn’t resist)!

What are your favorite ways to eat eggs?

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