My Favorite Ways to Make Fruit Salad

Many days when I make a fruit salad, I simply chop up a bunch of fruit that I like and mix it together! But, who knew that there were specific recipes for concoctions like Melon Salad or Stone Fruit Salad, where the fruits are chosen so that the flavors run together? Read on to learn about our favorite unique ways to make fruit salad.

Stone Fruit Salad: Stone fruits are known for their fleshy, tasty fruit that surrounds a hard pit. Turn your favorite stone fruits into a great salad with this recipe.

Summer Melon Salad: This simple salad is fun and refreshing and is served inside the melon!

Berry Good Berry Salad: My mom and I made this recipe up last summer and it is YUMMY!!

Also, what creative ways can you serve your fruit salad? I personally love the following creative melon cuts.

Baby Carriage Watermelon (perfect for a baby shower!)

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Melon Ball Fruit Salad in a Melon

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