Helpful Cooking Guides from Pinterest

The beauty of Pinterest is that if you don’t know how to do something, someone out there does. For example, should I keep apples in the fridge? How do I know if an egg is fresh? Thankfully, some crafty people created these handy little guides for me to reference.

Print these out and keep them on the fridge or on a cork board in your kitchen. They’ve come in handy for me and it’s nice to not have to dig through my Pinterest boards to find them.


Get the most out of your produce by storing it in the proper place.

Learn how to perfectly cook rice and boil an egg with this guide. It also has handy conversions, which I learned in grade school yet always seem to forget.

Your friends are coming over for an impromptu happy hour, what do you make? These strawberry margaritas of course.

Act fast when a food stain  strikes thanks to this removal guide.

After a while tablespoons, teaspoons, pints and quarts all start to run together. This measurement guide makes my life a lot easier.

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    Great tips!

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    I Liked on Facebook Annie Chun’s

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