When Chocolate Met Orange

I’ve tried more flavor combinations than I care to count. Most are good, some are horrible. One that I’ve been trying to get on board with lately has been the chocolate and orange combination. I used to find it disgusting as a kid, but now I can appreciate it. I’m certainly not ready to drop all other flavor combinations and run off with this one, but it’s really good. Keep reading for how I overcame my aversion!

First off, let’s discuss how delicious that brownie looks. That Sweet Candied Orange Peel on top of that Dark Chocolate Brownie with Espresso is fantastic, and is actually what made me overcome my aversion to the combo. As the old saying (or one that I just made up) goes, “Cover anything in chocolate and it’ll be delicious.”

Prior to trying out that brownie, though, I hated the way it tasted. My first experience trying the citrus with the chocolate was when I was about 6 and took a trip to the candy store. At the time, I was disillusioned and thought that everything in the candy store was good (until I tried licorice), so I thought I’d give the orange slices dipped in chocolate a try. Fun fact about me: I avoid eating oranges to begin with because I always used to choke on them as a child. I’ve never chewed my food enough; I kind of just inhale it like Kirby, so the seeds and stringy parts wouldn’t comply.

Anyway, I got my candies and like the little fat kid I was, I began to eat them out of my bag right away. Strips of sugary candy that I called sweet bacon (see what I mean about being a fat kid), gummy bears, Swedish fish, and chocolate covered almonds were all forced into my gullet. The sugar rush kicked in and as I bounced around the mall, shoving candy after candy into my mouth, I didn’t realize I’d picked up a chocolate covered orange slice. Suffice it to say, I nearly choked to death. The sugar rush was still in full effect, so as I gasped for air I did so violently. In reality, I was nowhere near death but it sure felt like it.

I’m an adult now, I’ve matured, and I can finally handle the chocolate and orange combination. But don’t you ever give me a chocolate dipped orange slice; I’ll consider it an assassination attempt.

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