Monster Cookies

Say it with me now, “awwwwww.” That cookies are just SO. DARN. CUTE. Cookie Monster would totally hoard these.

This adorable idea comes from Icing Designs. Sandwiched in between the cookies is a good helping of icing. Use dabs of frosting and M&Ms (or any other candy) for the eyes. Kids will love eating these!


-Cookies, pick your favorite


1. Fill one side of the cookies with frosting.
2. Set the other cookie on top.
3. Cover the frosting with sprinkles and add a swirl of frosting to create two eyes and one for a nose.
4. Press two M&Ms into the swirled frosting to create the eyes.

Photos: Icing Designs

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  • Kim

    These are a great idea for a kids party. They are super cute!

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