Food On Spoons

If you had to prepare just a single bite of food to represent your cooking style, could you do it? There was recently a show on TV that had this concept, but I forget the name. To me, though, a single taste to represent my culinary style is something both daunting and fascinating— I’ve never thought about it. So the question is, what would be your one bite?

To me, something simple like a caprese salad would likely best represent my cooking style. First off, it’s vegetarian, which is something I’ve adapted to in the kitchen pretty quickly. It’s also fresh, and homemade mozzarella cheese is one of the best things ever. Combine that with the flavor of a farm-fresh tomato and some basil, and it’s a winning combination. Part of me feels like that might be a little boring though, so there are other ideas I had.

One of my other ideas was a simple soy-sauce marinated filet of beef, seared medium-rare, and served with some caramelized onions. Not vegetarian at all, but one of my favorite flavors. God-willing, I’m still able to cook a decent steak. One of my favorite dishes is Beef Bourguignon, and I’m pretty good at making it. Maybe a little piece of carrot, a pearl onion, a piece of beef, and a little bit of the red wine-infused broth on the spoon? Now we’re talking.

The point is, it’s really hard to narrow down my cooking skill to one bite. My spoon wouldn’t be anything overly ornate, like that hard-boiled egg with a shaved truffle and lox in the picture at the top. It’d be something delicious, requiring a decent amount of skill, and presented rustically (isn’t that just the nice way for people to say an artistic mess? Yep.) One thing’s for sure, though: one spoon would certainly not be enough for me.

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