Recipe Madness Round 1: Desserts

It’s time for the desserts to start the battle royale. It’s no surprise, but we’ve got some heavy hitters here, so it’s time to get to the showdowns!

In our first showdown, we have the Blueberry Dump Cake going head to head against the No-Bake Oreo Cookie Treats. Not trying to sway the results here, but no-bake and chocolate are two of my favorite words for dessert.

In this round, we have Crockpot Peach Cobbler going head-to-head with an Overnight Coffee Cake. Both legitimate and delicious contenders!

Here we have No-Roll Apple Pie taking on the Heaven Cake. I have no idea what a No-Roll Apple Pie is, but I do like Heaven. Again, I am NOT trying to influence anything.

The Easy Lemon Bars are taking on the quick and efficient 5-Minute Candy Bar Pie. Things are getting easy peasy LEMON squeezy here, but I’ve got my money on the chocolate again.

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