Stop Snoozin’ In the Kitchen!

If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s a boring kitchen. To me, the kitchen is all about experimentation and discovery with a heaping scoop of fun. Is food being fun a radical concept? I sure hope it isn’t. Anyway, I was recently at the Home and Housewares Show (a food-nerd’s dream come true), and I saw some pretty awesome items that can not only brighten up the kitchen, but can make it more fun too! Keep reading for some of the items that I thought were cool, and let me know which ones you’d like for us to give away! 

One of my favorite brands at the show was Joseph Joseph. No, you don’t have double vision, that’s the name. What I love about their brand is that they bring both pops of color and heaps of practicality. One of the most ingenious and beautiful items there was the C-Pump Soap Dispenser (pictured above).

Traditional soap dispensers always bothered me because they got full of grime and germs before my hands were clean. Here, the ergonomically shaped dispenser can be depressed using the back of one’s hand, and the soap falls right onto the palm. So simple! Plus, the green color is totally my favorite, and a great way to add some spice to an otherwise boring kitchen.

The next item that I absolutely love was the Umbra Bento Cut and Prepset. Isn’t this ingenious? Inside the base of the cutting board are small containers to place everything that’s been prepared. What’s even better is that the small containers inside of the cutting board double as measuring cups (one cup, two cups, and three cups). This is great for those watching our weight or who have a medical condition! Plus, it stores really well, even in the smallest spaces!

The third and final item that interested me at the show was the Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer from Trudeau. Now, I’m by no means a wine aficionado (I basically know white and red), but this struck me as something those of you who do like wine would love. First, it goes on the bottle with one hand. That’s great for those of us who multi-task while we entertain. The coolest and most practical part, I think, though, is that a pour from this device is equal to about 30 minutes of aeration in a decanter.

So, which one of these products do you think would make a good giveaway? I’m already working on getting the iCoffee system on the calendar since you called for it, which one of these do you want me to work on next?

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  • Andrea Rose

    My vote is for the cutting board with measuring cups.


    The Cut and Prep Set looks really awesome. If I don’t win the contest when you give it away, I will just have to go out and actually buy one!

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