Rice Krispie Cakes

I’m still thinking about that mojito Jen posted yesterday, that was until I saw these rice krispie cakes.

I love love love rice krispie treats. I never buy the pre-made ones at the store. Homemade is always better! I can easily eat a few in one sitting, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered you can makes cakes out of them!

I love this idea because rice krispie treats are so much easier to make than a cake from scratch. You can also cover them in icing so they look like a real cake. Rice krispie treats also absorb food coloring really well, so you can dye your creation to match a particular color scheme for a party or holiday.

Here’s some of the best rice krispie cakes I’ve found to get your creative juices flowing.


Simple and square with some fruit on top.

Amanda, the blogger behind I am baker, is a master at making cakes with shapes inside. This rice krispie cake disguises a pumpkin!

 Rice krispies with chocolate and peanut butter ganache? I need to try this! (From the lovely lady baker).

Usually I make my rice krispie treats in a dish, but I like the idea of making them in a bundt pan. (From the Cutting Edge of Ordinary).

Want to perfect your rice krispie treats? Try this classic recipe. If you want to kick them up a notch you can also make them with Nutella!

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