An Epic Banana Split

giant banana split

My dessert of choice is baked goods, but a close second is ice cream. With my favorite ice cream spot opening for the season this month I’ve got frozen desserts on the brain.

If you’re an ice cream lover like me, as soon as you see this banana split you will probably start drooling. The creator behind this ten-foot bad boy is Jordan Ferney of the blog Oh Happy Day.

I’ve been a reader of hers for about a year because I love her colorful DIY projects. One day I was bored and searching through older posts on her site and came across this banana split monstrosity. I think it’s a genius idea, especially for a summer cookout or kid’s birthday party so I wanted to share it will all of you.

ten foot banana split, giant banana split

For the banana split you need a whopping seven tubs of ice cream and 15 bananas. Don’t forget the toppings. Jordan created what I would call a feeding trough for the ice cream using a carpet tube and tin foil. Get the directions here.

Don’t you just want to dive in like a Slip ‘n Slide?

P.S. If you’re an ice cream and banana fan you’ll want to try these banana dessert recipes that Dan posted.

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