Green Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Holidays are a great excuse to have fun with food. What other day can you go crazy with green food dye? From green beer to green mac and cheese, here are eight ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with food.
st. patrick's day food, st. patrick's day recipes

The always classic shamrock shake is number one on our green treats list. You can even make this tasty mint treat at home. (link)
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Speaking of mint, the color obviously lends itself to the holiday. A mint pie is not only refreshing, but is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dessert.
st. patrick's day food, st. patrick's day recipes

Lucky Charms is known for its leprechaun, pot of gold and sugary marshmallows. It’s not the healthiest cereal, but what the heck it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Try making rice krispie treats, but substitute the Rice Krispies for Lucky Charms. Another use for the cereal, is to sprinkle them on cupcakes. Another fun way to make your cereal more festive is to dye your milk green. Green milk and Cheerios anyone?
st. patrick's day food, st. patrick's day recipes

Here’s a somewhat healthy green-themed recipe—spinach mac and cheese! Puree spinach until it reaches a smooth consistency and add it to your favorite mac and cheese recipe.
st. patrick's day pizza, st. patrick's day recipes

You can also cut spinach to look like shamrocks and put them atop a pizza. It turned out really cute when this blogger tried it.
st. patrick's day beer

This beverage is for adults only. All you need is a glass of beer and green food coloring!

And don’t forget last week I shared how to make these shamrock pretzels.  This food craft is very easy and perfect for kids.

Get creative! A little green food dye or green sprinkles can make any dish appropriate for St. Patrick’s’ Day. If come up with a cool idea feel free to share it in the comments.

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