Are You a Black Coffee Drinker? You Will Be Now.

I loathed drinking black coffee before. The bitterness accompanied with that weird face (I look like I inhaled a lemon through my nostril) basically forced me to add copious amounts of almond milk and stevia to my drink so I could tolerate it. I avoid energy drinks at all costs, so coffee was my only choice for a mid-day energy boost. I just got back from the International Home and Housewares Show, and I was introduced to an awesome product that will make black coffee drinkers of us all. Its name? iCoffee.

Though its name may conjure up images of some bizarre smartphone contraption, it actually looks very similar to a traditional coffee pot. That’s where the similarities end though. This machine uses the power of steam along with hot water to brew a perfect pot of coffee every time. It creates a crema on the top that lets you know the coffee has been brewed at just the right temperature. What’s more, the machine is made by Remington, whose uncompromising standard for excellence is well-regarded in the industry. I should know, I’ve used the same Remington beard trimmer since I was 14.

Anyway, so let’s get to the taste. How does it taste? At the show, I was encouraged to try black coffee from the iCoffee system; not just that, it was a pot of coffee that had been sitting out for 15 minutes. After all, black is how true coffee aficionados drink it, and really that’s how I’d  like to drink it. What do you know? The coffee was good all by itself. If you’ve caught on to anything since I started as an editor here, it should be that I’m a straight shooter and don’t hold my tongue.

I really mean it when I say I’d drink the coffee out of the iCoffee black. Though there will always be a place in my heart for the single-serve machine in our office, that’s more about convenience than anything else. The iCoffee is like a ten-course tasting meal. There’s a tremendous depth of flavor, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience, but it takes a little longer to get through and in the end it’s so worth it.

How about we give one of these away? Would you like us to feature the iCoffee system in an upcoming giveaway to see if you can become a black coffee drinker too? 

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  • Alex Apostol

    Yes, please do an iCoffee giveaway. I am already a black coffee drinker. Have been for more than 12 years. I’ d like to get my hands on the iCoffee to enhance my coffee experience.

    Alex Apostol

  • Steven Schneider

    I want one if these coffee makers

  • Kim

    Oh, yes! I would like one of these please!!

  • FilmPunk

    I’ve not tried this machine yet but it’s no my list. I only drink black coffee so I hope you’re right.

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