Eat What?! Weird Food News

So, as usual, there’s weird news in the world of food. It seems that since last time, things have gotten even stranger. Fear not, friends, we have not stepped into the Twilight Zone, we are still on Earth, and I’m here to sift through all the nonsense in the world of food. Fasten your seat belts and let’s go! 

Those meatballs look good, don’t they? Like some of the best meatballs ever prepared by a gigantic Swedish furniture store, right? Oh yeah, they do. Well, hope you aren’t a horse lover. That’s right, horse meat has made it’s way further into the fast food of Europe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I may be a vegan-in-training, but I don’t see anything inherently wrong with eating horse. It’s done in many European countries; the problem in this horse meat scandal is that the meat is coming from Eastern European nations where the horse meat is essentially sold on the black market and not held to the health standards it should be.

Again, this doesn’t affect any meat in the United States since there are no operational horse slaughterhouses, but all you Europeans reading this should think twice the next time $4.50 sounds too good to be true for a plate of meatballs and sides.

As a kid, I loved Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s. As an adult, it’s a nutritionally questionable choice. What am I eating? What am I even looking at? Those are just some of the questions that ran through my head as I read this article on BuzzFeed. I always thought the shapes were randomly made and tried to discern their shapes like I was watching clouds in my backyard. Nay, nay, they say (10 points for a rhyme). The shapes are actually carefully constructed and fit into four distinct shape categories.

I can’t wait until I have kids so they can try a McNugget Bone, McNugget Boot, McNugget Ball, and McNugget Bell. Good eats!

Got any weird food news that I missed this week? Slap my wrist with a ruler in the comments below!

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