Edible Food Decorations + How to Use Them

Take your food from barely presentable to five star quality with a simple touch of glitter or sprinkles. Those little eye-catching details make all the difference.

Edible Glitter: Every girl loves things that sparkle and shine, and why should it be any different for food? You can find edible glitter at most craft stores. Layer Cake Shop has a large selection of glitter from larger flakes, to fine powders in every color.

How to Use It: Try mixing it in with your frosting or sprinkled on top. How stunning does that gold glitter look when mixed in with that chocolate ganache? You can find the recipe on the blog Desserts for Breakfast.

Fun Shaped Sprinkles: You can always use standard sprinkles, but heart and circle shaped sprinkles are fun too. You can pick some up at your local grocery or online at Bake it Pretty.

How to Use It: Try covering an entire cake in sprinkles, like the cake above. Another clever idea is to make sprinkle “cupcake wrappers” by covering the sides of cupcakes in sprinkles.

Edible Spray Paint: I had no idea this stuff existed until now! It’s just like food coloring, but in a spray can. The paint used in the picture isn’t available in the U.S., but I found some similar products on Amazon.

How to Use It: Spray it on anything from produce to pretzels!

Edible Gold: When you really want to impress, give your food a dusting with gold flecks. This is a great idea for weddings and New Year’s parties.

How to Use it: Use it on fancy s’mores, the rims of cocktail glasses, chocolate covered strawberries or even coat an entire cake with it.



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