ENDED Free Food Fridays: Enter To Win an Awesome Can Opener

I mean, just look at the picture. Isn’t it beautiful? But does it work? Does it make things easier in the kitchen? The answer to all of those questions is YES! This can opener from Trudeau not only looks like a piece of art, but it gets the job done more easily than anything else we’ve ever tried! Keep reading for how you can enter to win this piece of art can opener. 

This can opener is great for people who have trouble with their motor skills, suffer from arthritis, or just want to turn opening a can into something that doesn’t become a hassle. I’ve totally cut myself using a conventional can opened, and I’ve even had to use a knife to stab one open, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

This one just goes on the can, you move the handle in a circle, and the lid pops right off. When you’re finished, the handle folds into place so it can be easily stored in the drawer.  It let’s you get to the food, and let’s face it, that’s the end goal of opening a can.

Want to enter? Here’s all you have to do: post a comment that lets us know about one of your kitchen disasters!

The winner will be randomly selected among the entrants! Good luck!

Congratulations to Barbara B. for winning! Please check your email for a confirmation! 

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  • Margaret Smith

    One of my kitchen disasters was while trying to open a jar of pasta sauce, I couldn’t get the lid open. I finally used the end of a knife and went to go tap on the lid, but instead hit the glass jar. Sauce spilled all over, floor, cabinets, walls…what a mess.

  • Laura Peckyno

    Worst kitchen disaster ever – We had just moved into a tiny rental cottage and were moving boxes into the kitchen. My spouse put a box of dishes on a shelf above the sink – unaware that the shelf wasn’t very sturdy. The shelf gave way and the box of dishes crashed into the sink, breaking nearly all of them. But that’s not the worst of it! The dishes had sheared the faucet right off of the sink during the fall. Water was then spurting like a geyser into the kitchen! We looked everywhere but couldn’t find a water shut off valve! (remember, we were just moving in). I called the landlord but couldn’t get ahold of him. Finally, we called the city and asked them to come shut down the main for the block so we could avert disaster. The entire neighborhood was without water for several hours while we worked to fis the faucet. To this day, I have nightmares about water streaming into my kitchen.

  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan Chester

    My worst kitchen disaster was spilling a bowl of almost-set red jello in the fridge. It immediately gelled into the refrigerator. It was a sticky mess to clean up and stained everything red.

  • Ashley s

    My husband dropped a chefs knife all the way down the middle of his foot and it stuck straight up out the floor. He had to yank it out then we went to the er. He’s lucky the knife missed all the important veins and tendons! His foot is fine now. That was about 12 years ago. :)

  • Chris Noe

    Hmmm. So many to choose from . I think using cold peanuts while making peanut brittle has to be one of the worst. I dumped the nuts in and the boiling candy just solidified. It took forever to clean up.

  • LS Gourmet

    Sympathizing, even laughing at some of the posts but I can’t compete with these stories. Guess I’ve been very lucky!

    Love your site and your topics.

  • jon brierton

    …anything/everything baked … Grrr…

  • Diane Blanc

    I was trying to open a jar of pickles(Have Arthritis in my hands)when it slipped out and EXPLODED like an eruption all overthe kitchen. Sweet pickle juice is not fun to get off the celing!(FYI)

  • Judy Ring

    My worst kitchen mess was leaving my hubby in charge of finishing the dinner and it boiled all over the top of my stove, but I made HIM clean it up. Never again will I do that!

  • kristen m

    I had a kitchen disaster just last weekend – we decided to make chili and I ended up using a can of beans that I had leftover, there must have been something old or off about them because they ruined the whole slow cooker full of chili that we planned to use for days! what a waste of money.

  • Jennifer Grimm

    The worst kitchen mess was when we were looking for something in the cabinet and my fiance knocked a canister full of sugar onto the floor! Luckily, only about half of the sugar came out…and he got to clean up the mess!

  • http://RecipeforLiving Claudia Branch

    The only thing that comes to mind now is one my dear mother use to remind of how once we took a trip to our cousins in Arkansas.We planned a camping/fishing trip.All supplies were packed nicely and thought to have been placed in either car,but after rain brought no fish to fry and kids were stuck in the cabin,moms found that all the other food items were left at home except for a sack of potatoes.Luckily our dear mothers,since gone to heaven were cleaver enough to fix up the best potatoe sandwiches we had ever eaten.

  • Katie Roch

    My worst kitchen disaster is forgetting that I was cooking an egg on the stove top. Not only did it create a tremendous amount of smoke, my spatula also burnt to the pan the egg burnt so terribly that it damaged my pan.

  • Ruth Foster

    Put a bowl of vegetable soup in the microwave to warm it up, but alas, I failed to cover it. What a mess to clean up, especilly because the microwave in over the stove and I am only 5’4″ tall and 82 years old!

  • bob etier

    In an attempt to turn Jello into an elegant dessert, I used a crystal bowl for a Jello mousse. When I poured in the boiling water,the bowl exploded–on my daughter. I immediately threw her into a cold shower and she was uninjured, but she will no longer eat Jello mousse.

  • Barbara Levy

    I was making a cheese cake in my blender and it over flowed, then when I baked it there wasn’t enough batter so it sunk.

  • Barbara Bonnin

    I baked my first lemon meringue pie and planned to take it to a family dinner. I decided to use a disposable aluminum pan so I wouldn’t have to bring a pan home. As I took it out of the oven at the end and turned to the counter the meringue was high and beautiful with browned peaks. Perfect. Then the pan flexed and the pie flipped out and fell to the floor smearing meringue and lemon filling down the cupboard to the floor. Biggest mess and the hardest to clean ever.

  • Amy Ylinen

    I was trying to get dinner ready one night with little ones running all over the place, one of my boys asked if he could help,so I reluctantly replied with a yes hoping it might keep him constructively occupied , I put a bag of veggies in the microwave and had him push the numbers and push start. I left the kitchen for a bit only to re-enter to the bag of veggies on the counter and the telephone being nuked at 5 minutes.

  • Beth K

    Years ago, when I was learning to make bread, I mixed up a batch of dough and left it to rise. I had to go out for what was supposed to be a quick trip, but ended up being several hours. I came home to bread Doug all over the counter and a very sick dog who had decided to eat dome of it and then threw up all over the kitchen floor. What a mess!

  • Nancyjean Helmer

    For Christmas one year I got a brand new Paula Dean set of Pots and Pans, just what I wanted. well in the spring of that year on a warm sunny day I decided to make egg salad sandwiches for lunch, so I put a few eggs over to boil im my small Paula Dean Pan, at that time the phone rings , it is my Mother in Law, wanting us to come down and talk for a minute with her and my Father in Law, so we walked up, they only lived a block from us. Well we start walking home from our visit and when we got to the end of our driveway we heard the fire alarm going off so we ran to the house to find the eggs boiled dry and burned the brand new Paula Dean Pot and all, It smelled terrible and what a mess, never did get a new pan to replace that one…lol

  • Milton H

    Holiday time and washing dishes (no dishwasher) after a big meal. Not realized was the carving fork that had fallen over in the drying rack and eventually shifted around until the prongs poked out of the side of the rack near the bottom.

    Wiping down the counter and a swift horizontal “I’m finally done” swipe and the prongs of that fork penetrated the hand, passing between the bone of the thumb. Couldn’t pull it back out and made a quick trip to the ER.

  • Spikeygrrl

    I set my entire kitchen on fire a dozen years ago via deep-frying something in a cast-iron Dutch oven instead of a dedicated deep-fryer…dow that count? (Needless to say, I now own a dedicated deep-fryer, lol!)


    I was carrying a bowl of spaghetti sauce to the dining room when it slipped out of my hands and hit the floor so hard it splashed up and coated the ceilings of both the kitchen and dining room. It took hours and a whole bottle of fantastik to get all of the red out of the white ceilings.

  • Judy Felland

    Would. Love to,win the opener. thanks

  • http://freefoodfridays hope laird

    have seen openers similar, and have wanted one for some time now, would love to have this to go with the rest of my kitchen gadgets:)

  • Melissa

    I had beef stew in my crockpot cooking. My kids and I came in from softball practice ready to eat, only to find that the lid had shattered into the stew.

  • dani marie

    sliced my finger open on a pull tab can of tuna once. does that count?

  • chadro

    over cooked the microwave popcorn and almost burnt smelling the kitchen for days, was aweful!

  • Kayte CookWatts

    While trying to make my friend a birthday cake,I set the Crisco that I was greasing the pan with next to a hot burner, and set my kitchen on fire.

  • Gaye M

    Had almost finished making fudge when the phone rang; tried to move the pan off the stove and dumped it all over – stove, floor, counter. Luckily I didn’t get too much on me, but enough for a pretty miserable burn.

  • Carolyn Carpenter

    Thinking back over the last almost 50 years of being married, yes, to the same man. We’ve had lots of mishaps, but one of the messiest
    was when making a Meal Replacement
    drink in the blender and had it finished, my husband decided to try it and started to pour, without holding the lid. Yes, it went down the front of stove and on floor.YUK.

  • Geo Rams

    My sister had surgery so I was at her house making dinner. Thought I’d use her crockpot to make chili. Slicing, dicing, browning..everything went in. Sister comes into the kitchen and asks me where the plastic band that holds the lid onto the cooker is. I swear that I had not seen it. We look under the crock, search the floor, the cabinets, everywhere. We give up. Sister stirs the chili and guess what she finds…yup, the 7 inch long rubber bandy thing. Ugh! So embarrassing.

  • JoAnn F.


  • Candice Hull

    Last month, I started the dishwasher and then went outside to play with my kids. We come back in 15 minutes later for a water break (it’s hot in West Texas) and I hear splashing. I start to walk toward the kitchen and my foot sinks into the carpeting near the door. That’s when I notice the inch deep pool that has formed in my kitchen. Apparently, the water pipe to the dishwasher burst. Huge mess.(not really food related, but kitchen related)

  • Robert Pyszk

    I dropped a fairly large pot of spaghetti sauce I was making on the kitchen floor O.O

  • Connie T

    Had a large plastic bottle of honey develop a leak in my pantry. By the time I discovered it, everything on the shelf was glued down!

  • Brittney House

    My son called himself making a fruit smoothie in the blender without the top. It had blueberries in it that STAINED the walls. Now we need to repaint the walls. ugh.

  • Suzie Williams

    Oh wow, I have so many. My most recent was boiling milk for a dessert dish. I didn’t know that it would bubble up so quickly and it didn’t look boiling so I turned my back for a second to prep other ingredients and heard the sizzle of milk bubbling all over the stove!

  • Vikki Billings

    I once left eggs on boiling and forgot about them and they blew up. It was every where and smelled so bad. I will never do that again!

  • Breanne

    My husband put a pot of oil on the stove and turned the burner all the way up. Obviously it caught on fire right as I was walking by to turn it down.

  • Michelle Tucker

    Uhh putting cheese sauce in the microwave a little too long. All those little holes in the microwave full of cheese. OMG, it took forever to clean.

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