Junk Food that is Seriously Good (… and Addicting)

I milled about the edge of seriousness today in reading The New York Times’ magazine feature “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food.” Consuming copious amounts of fattening sugar-foods designed specifically to be addicting to humanity is obviously a big no-no… but then again, even our food pyramid teaches us that fats, oils, and sweets are okay in moderation! Read on to see the list of snacks that the editors love to eat in perfectly divided portion sizes (read: eat right out of the bag/canister/tub until complete, repeat).

1. Puff Cheetos: I blame my dad for this addiction. It’s easiest to eat these gems right out of the bag on the couch, you wouldn’t want the precious puffs to get crushed during transport.

2. Oreos: Enjoy eating the classic version while you contemplate the existence of an entire slice of the cookie aisle devoted to Oreos. Seriously, why are there over 20 varieties?

3. Kruncher’s Chips: Our editor Dan swears by these addicting Buffalo snacks.

4. Beef Jerky: With an addicting side of salt, beef jerky has the literal potential to clog arteries. And, you can’t stop eating it because you’ll then notice how thirsty you are.

5. Häagen-Dazs® Ice Cream: Editor Allison swears by the Strawberry ice cream from this brand, while I think their Coffee is out of this world. Whatever your flavor, sitting down with a pint of this good stuff is a recipe for disaster an AMAZING evening.

6. Yoplait: Uh oh, the NYTimes piece calls this sugary yogurt alternative out by name. Yes, you may think you’re eating a healthy, fruity moderately sized snack but in reality your downing a 6 oz. serving of sugar and artificial flavoring.

7. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos: Yes, these need to be categorized separately from regular old Cheetos because they are best in the Fun-Sized bags. Who didn’t have contests in elementary school to see who could fit the most in their mouth and then proceed to chew them?!

8. Dove Ice Cream Bars: Classic vanilla ice cream in solid chocolate on a popsicle stick, this treat is one that has lived through the ages and still remains a tried-and-true fave.

9. Krispy Kremes: A simple glaze and soft goodness makes fresh doughnuts one of the best items on this list. If you’ve ever had the delight of eating a fresh one of these in the Krispy Kreme store, you know the smell alone is intoxicating. Also, these doughnuts can be compacted in the stomach to take up 1/4 of their original size, making it perfectly realistic (and expected) that you eat 4.

10. Cheez-its: A cousin of the Cheeto, these salty faux cheese squares are convenient t.v.-watching snacks. Plus, they don’t leave behind the big evidence of orange fingers, making them a perfect stealth grab.


  • beverly Spangler

    Oooh! how I love those Cheetos puffs. Also–popcorn with the powdered cheddar sprinkled on. Alas, I am on a salt restricted diet. Will I ever know happiness again???

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