Have you Discovered the Taste of Sea Salt?

Regular salt has the extraordinary power to change the taste of an entire dish and bring out new flavors with just a pinch of it. Sea salt has a similar quality, but works especially well for adding an extra depth to certain dishes in particular. Keep reading to see some of my favorite ways to use this awesome ingredient.

Edamame, as pictured above, is a classic Japanese appetizer that is incredibly easy to make at home. Simply cook the edamame and season it with sea salt – the full how-to can be found here.

Sea salt also pairs exceptionally well with chocolate and brings out a bitter-sweet taste that we all love. We have many dessert ideas that utilize the amazing power of sea salt; look at this collection of 6 desserts for new inspiration.

Tell me: Do you cook with sea salt? How do you like to use it and do you have any favorite recipes to share?

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