Rachael vs. Guy Episode Six: The Grand Finale

Well, I’m going to keep this final recap of Rachael vs. Guy short. I’m also going to tell you who won the show immediately after the jump, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read this post. It’s been a long journey since the beginning when Gilbert Gottfried, Cornelia Guest, Chilli, Johnny Weir, Kathy Najimy, and Hines Ward were still in the game and eventually eliminated (in the order they’re listed). Now, it’s time for the final showdown between Dean McDermott and Carnie Wilson. Keep reading for the full recap!

Well, let’s get the foregone conclusion out of the way first: Dean McDermott won. From the beginning, it seemed like he was a step above the other contestants. I like Dean, and am glad he won, though I really would’ve been fine with anyone else winning too. Way to make reality TV that isn’t fueled by people creating drama and clawing one another’s eyes out, Food Network. So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to what really matters: the food.

The challenge was to create a three course menu for 11 celebrities and VIP guests. Kathy Griffin, the ever so reverential stand-up comic, was one of those guests. The twist to this challenge though, was that the finalists would not know what items they’d be working with until they stepped into the kitchen. The guest judges would then vote on who they thought made the best menu. The celebrities were then given some time to gather ingredients, and went to work.

Carnie, the lovable basket-case of the show, decided to wisely make simple but delicious dishes. Since she spent 90% of the rest of the season being frazzled and freaking out, I think this was a good idea. For her appetizer, she made a tuna dip with chips, and then decided on a light but flavorful pesto pasta with shrimp as her main dish. For her dessert, she went with a classic flavor combination: apple fritters with vanilla ice cream. Too simple? Yep, but if she had made more complex dishes I have no doubt she would’ve freaked out and not finished anything.

Dean, on the other hand, was his usual gourmet self and went over the top with everything. He went with seared scallops and lobster with a green salad as his appetizer. His main course was a filet (I’m pretty sure wrapped in bacon) with some red potatoes and asparagus. For dessert, he went with grilled pound cake and topped it with caramel, fruit, and syllabub. No, that’s not a typo, and I actually had to look it up myself last night. Apparently, it’s a sweetened cream that has a little amount of wine added to curdle it. Sounds good to me.

In the end, only one vote separated Dean from Carnie. He won $50,000 for his charity, Miracle Babies, while Carnie won $10,000 for her charity, the Autism Research Institute. Really, everyone won. Good food, good people, and friendly competition. While Rachael vs. Guy was no replacement for Celebrity Apprentice, it didn’t aim to be. Between this and Downton Abbey, it was a great way to spend my past few Sundays.

See you for Season 3!

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