Lemons On a Pizza… Yep, You Read That Right

pizza with lemons

So, I’m not one to avoid trying new foods. I’ve tried most of the items on this list, and a few more that are just as weird. But some things just make me gag when I hear the name. Such is the case with lemons on a pizza. Would you try a pizza with lemons on it? I would, but I wouldn’t throw a party about it. 

Part of my job is researching what to write about, and I have a number of favorite blogs I use for research. I was recently reading this post on How Sweet Eats and the author, Jessica, was raving about that pizza with prosciutto, spinach, and lemons. My gut reaction was that of the late Gary Coleman’s Arnold on Diff’rent Strokes, “Watchu talkin’ about Jessica?” Lemons, fine. Pizza, delicious. Lemons on a pizza, nasty as hell. Or is it?

In the defense of lemons on a pizza, the lemons used are Meyer lemons, which are known for being sweeter than the traditional yellow citrus. That being said, the recipe posted still calls for the eater to eat the entire fruit, rind and all. That strikes me as gross, no matter how sweet the lemons are. I made the mistake of putting an entire lemon into my Vitamix smoothie the other day. I look like I had just squirted lemon juice into my eyes the entire morning. I had the taste of lemons in my mouth the entire day. It was not pleasant, but it was smooth.

I don’t know, I’m still on the fence with lemons on a pizza. The one Jessica gives a recipe for is not really a traditional pizza, so maybe if I call it a flatbread it’ll be better. Nope, doesn’t help, considering I’d still be eating lemon skin and rind. Vitamin C Shmitamin C. I’ll take my chances with scurvy and forego the lemons on my next pizza.

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