Rachael vs. Guy Episode Five: I’ve Got A Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Snap In the Wiener

Sunday was the Super Bowl, and you know what that means: I got to watch another episode of Rachael vs. Guy after the game! Well, not really after the game because of the whole power outage thing. But this week was quite hectic, with the celebrities running food trucks, two celebrities were eliminated, and most importantly the game was whittled to the two finalists. Read on for the low-down!

In case you didn’t watch last week, Team Guy only consists of Dean McDermott after Johnny Weir’s sad exit, (Captain Glitter will be missed). Team Rachael consisted of Kathy Najimy, Hines Ward, and Carnie Wilson. This week, the celebrities were gathered in a square and told that they would no longer be in teams. For their task, they’d have to create a dish to be served from a food truck to 100 guests. Those 100 guests would sample all four items and vote for the one they liked the most. That person would advance to the finals, and the other three would face one another in a cook-off where two would go home. To quote George Takei, “Oh myyyyyy!”

Since Rachael’s team won the task yet again, they chose comfort food for their theme. Dean, meanwhile, wound up with Mexican as his theme. Kathy chose to make her mom’s mac and cheese (she added some parsley, mint, and olives for a Middle Eastern twist), Hines chose to make a chili dog named after his son (brown sugar in the homemade chili was his recipe), Carnie chose to make meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy (everything made from scratch), and Dean chose to make three-pork tacos (avocado crema and tomatillo salsa also made an appearance).

In the end, Kathy’s mac and cheese turned out soupier than she’d like, Carnie ran out of meatballs so had to halve some, and Hines’ chili dog didn’t have enough snap in the wiener for people. (Snap in the Wiener sounds like a band name).  Dean had the biggest problems, however, as the over-complication of his dish meant that 1/3 of the people attending didn’t get the chance to sample his food.

Lou Diamond Phillips, who won the first season of the show (that I didn’t know had another season) stopped by and picked the dish he liked with an extra five votes. In the end, despite Dean’s complicated dish, he STILL won the votes. What?! Yes. Seriously?! Yes. Again, my mouth hit the floor when I saw that.

That meant that in the end, Kathy, Hines, and Carnie had to square off  in the cook off. They had to make food served on a stick. Kathy chose to grill pineapple, pound cake, and peaches with a glaze and serve with a marshmallow. Carnie made a sriracha marinade for her steak and served with a heaping amount of salsa. Hines made another safe dish (what a shock) of a grilled steak and Brussels sprouts. In the end, the judges had to eliminate my girl Kathy and Hines because Carnie had the chops to take on Dean. While I agree, I don’t see any way that Carnie is going to be able to take him down. I like underdogs, so I’m pulling for you Carnie.

In the finale, we get to finally see the always reverential Kathy Griffin have a party thrown by the two finalists. Should be spicy. Until next time!

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