Candy for Your Valentine

One of my all-time favorite candies since I was a kid is gummies. Gummy frogs, bears, worms, you name it. When I discovered Sugarfina‘s gourmet gummies I was in candy heaven.

Sugarfina is an online candy boutique, specializing in finding the best candy from all over the world. For example, their Swedish fish actually come from Sweden! How cool is that?

If you want to send your Valentine some sugar, they have some adorable gift sets. My personal favorite is the anti-Valentine’s gift set with “Plenty of Fish in the Sea” Swedish fish, “Men are Pigs” gummy piglets and “Stop Kissing Frogs” apple frogs.

If you know someone with a real sugar addiction, they would definitely appreciate a Sugarfina tasting club membership. Each month, they’ll receive a tasting flight of eight candies, packaged in a beautiful gift box with a tasting menu. Who knew sugar could be so chic?


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