My iPad Is Kitchen-Ready: Here’s How

LifeProof iPad Case In Kitchen

I’m a tech lover, and I’m also a foodie. When I was younger, I would always search for recipes on the computer, print them out, fold them and put them in my pocket, and then try to dig for them when I was ready to cook. I can’t tell you how many times I spilled on the printed recipe and had to take time to go back and print. Long story short, I decided that I needed to use my iPad in the kitchen. Two issues came up: how to get the recipes, and how to prevent my iPad from being ruined while I cooked. Solved ‘em both. Read on.

The first problem was easy (peasy lemon squeezy) to solve. While searching through the internet for recipes is fine on a computer, a lot of sites aren’t optimized for use on the iPad. What’s the best thing to do? Find an app. Guess what? Recipe4Living has an iOS (and Android) app that lets me take all the best recipes I’ve posted into the kitchen! No more ruining printed recipes with my less than graceful cooking.

All you have to do is search Recipe4Living in the app store and it’ll come up! (If you’re on an iPad, click the tab at the top that says iPhone apps to download. No worries, you can stretch the app to the iPad screen like in the picture).

In reality, that was the lesser of the two problems. The bigger problem was making sure my $500+ tablet didn’t get ruined with an accidental drop, spill, splatter, or smear. I will say it over and over again, the only case I’d EVER use to protect my iPad is the LifeProof caseIt makes the case waterproof, PROOF, not resistant.

I ran it under the sink yesterday to clean it after I finished the recipe, that’s how confident I am in these cases. Also, after first getting it, I threw it like a Frisbee across the room, and it landed on my tile floor. No damage! Try doing that with an unprotected iPad. (Actually, don’t, it’s a horrible idea).

Solved both problems. Check out the Recipe4Living app and the LifeProof case to make your iPad kitchen-ready!

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