Hooray! No More Third Degree Burns!

a vebo vegetable strainer being removed from a pot of hot water

If you’re anything like me, you love to have freshly boiled and steamed veggies, but don’t like having to pour a pot of boiling water out into a strainer. Usually, I’ll wind up with my glasses fogging up, getting my face all steamed, or burning my hands because I pour too fast. Well, what if we rethink how that process should go? That’s exactly what the people at Dreamfarm did with their Vebo Vegetable Boiler Steamer and Strainer

This steamer simplifies the process entirely, which I like. It’s made from premium-grade silicone, which means it’s heat resistant and won’t add a taste to the veggies. This weekend, I got to try it out when making a quick stir fry. First, I placed the Vebo into my pot, filled it with water, put the veggies into the basket, and boiled them for a few minutes. Instead of the old steam-from-boiling-water facial, I just lifted the basket out of the boiling water, waited until there were no more drips, and dumped the veggies into my wok. Five minutes later, I had my dinner!

Yesterday night, I tried making some of my delicious Chinese buns, which I explain how to do here. With the Vebo, I don’t need a bamboo steamer anymore. I just make the bao, place them in the Vebo, and then place the Vebo into a pot filled with about an inch or two of water. Because Vebo is collapsible, the walls compressed when I put the lid on my pot. 15 Minutes later, all I had to do was remove the Vebo, carefully remove the bao, and eat!

Cleanup… what cleanup? The way I like to clean my Vebo is by emptying the pot it was in, pouring in about a cup of vinegar and filling the rest of the way with water, putting the lid on, and letting it boil for about ten minutes. Not only does that clean the Vebo, it cleans the pot! Now don’t tell me you are still considering the Vebo. Click here to buy one!

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