Have You Ever Eaten a Pizza for Breakfast?

Eating a pizza for breakfast is no longer weird — it’s actually trendy. Keep reading to see some of our favorite breakfast pizza recipes that include meat-inspired favorites with breakfast and sausage, vegetable smothered varieties, and healthy options like Egg Whites only and Gluten-Free.

Bacon and Potato Breakfast Pizza: There’s a new trend in breakfast food and it’s the breakfast pizza! This one is an easy and delicious start to any day.

Breakfast Pita Pizza: With pita bread as the crust and topped with spinach, this breakfast pizza really delivers. Try it soon!

Sausage and Tomato Breakfast Pizza: This pizza combines the best of both worlds – breakfast and pizza – by topping pizza crust with breakfast sausage, tomato, eggs and cheese.

Mushroom Tomato Basil Breakfast Pizza: Load on the veggies in your morning routine with this mushroom and tomato delight.

Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Pizza: This breakfast pizza has the best omelet toppings generously added in.

Lighter Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pizza: Make a light version of breakfast pizza with turkey sausage, reduced-fat cheese and shredded potatoes. It’s a great choice for breakfast or brunch.

Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza: Sans meat, this breakfast pizza still delivers lots of taste and protein. It’s one of our absolute favorites!

Egg White Breakfast Pizza: This healthier breakfast pizza will definitely cut some cholesterol without compromising taste!

Tell me: Have you ever eaten a breakfast pizza? What’s your favorite kind?

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