My Culinary Inspirations

I was never good at basketball, but consider this my attempt at a pivot. I think that in order to appreciate what I write more, it’s best if you understand where I draw my culinary inspiration from. This is going to a look at me, one of your editors, Dan Kamys, so I hope you enjoy. There are many sources of inspiration in my life, and many of them have to do with food. So let’s get to who inspires me to cook my best and always improve my skill in the kitchen.

Since this is a food blog, let me tell you who inspires me about food first. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Ina Garten is the person who inspired me to cook. I was growing up when the Food Network was just getting started, and I remember watching the shows and following recipes to improve my skill.

It wasn’t until Ina’s show, Barefoot Contessa, came on the air that I started to really develop a passion for food. Ina makes beautiful and delicious meals simple without skimping on quality or presentation. I know that as a 14 year old boy, I wasn’t her target audience, but something about the joy she exuded when she entertained transferred to me. Every time I cook a meal, I can now be proud of what I make, courtesy of Ina’s TV show, cookbooks, and general joy for life.

I love Rachael Ray because she is who inspired me to actually start cooking. A meal in 30 minutes? Sure, I can burn my house down and clean up the mess just before my parents get home. Her no-nonsense approach to flavorful meals whittled everything down to 30 minutes, again without sacrificing quality, which is so easy to do. On family vacations, my parents would kindly devote an evening to allow me to prepare a 30-minute meal for the family on our trip. Usually, things ended with a pizza delivered to the room, but not always.

My final culinary inspiration is Gordon Ramsay, because he keeps it real, swears a lot (like me, unfortunately), and has an uncompromising standard for quality food. He also likes to help those who need a serious wake up call, and whether he does it for the money and publicity or not, he is still helping those people turn their businesses around.  He’s also absolutely hilarious.

I hope to be a mashup of these three in the kitchen. I swear a lot, but have a high standard for food and don’t want it to be overly complicated; a little fun along the way doesn’t hurt. Yep, that about sums me up. Thanks for reading!

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