Eat Healthier this Year without Compromising Taste!

My fellow editor Dan is taking the plunge this new year and temporarily experiencing life as a vegetarian, but not all lifestyle changes need to be as drastic. Keep reading to get some tips on easy ways to cut calories in recipes you already like, and some new healthy recipes to try!

Ways to Cut Back without Noticing

Make Substitutions:
unsalted butter for salted
skim milk for whole milk or half & half
skim cheeses for regular versions
fresh veggies for canned veggies
light or diet drinks in place of regular
lean white meat or fish for red meat, and make sure it’s skinless!
olive oil for butter (when frying/sauteeing)

What if you need a bigger change? Do you want to try eating some healthier recipes? Check out our guides below!

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Until next week! Jen

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