ENDED Free Food Fridays: Enter To Win A ZeroWater Pitcher

a water purifying pitcher made by ZeroWater

Made a New Year’s resolution to drink more water? So did we! We absolutely love the ZeroWater pitcher because it uses a 5-stage filtration system to make sure we get the purest water possible. It even has a water-quality meter to show you just how clean the water is and let you know when it’s time to change the filter! A convenient bottle filler is also there, so when you go to the gym you can take the clean water with you! Even the filters are recyclable! It’s a great product all around, and if you’d love to win here are multiple ways to enter! Do them all for the best chance to win!

  1. Leave a comment below telling us your New Year’s resolution.
  2. Tweet about the contest to @Recipe4Living AND @ZeroWaterFilter
  3. Like Recipe4Living on Facebook if you haven’t already

Make sure you let us know how you’ve entered in the comment box below!

Congratulations to Diane Baum for winning!

  • Lindsey

    Drink more water!

  • Ashley s

    My resolution is to have more fun and be in the moment.

  • Milton H

    My resolution is to just survive this new year with all its problems.

  • Donna K

    to lose 10 pounds

  • Donna K

    I Like Recipe4Living on Facebook

  • Donna K
  • John Hutchens

    to exercise weekly

  • John Hutchens

    like recipe for livimg on fb

  • John Hutchens
  • jon brierton

    …in 213 I will complete my preparations foe relocation to South America ! (Sure could make GOOD use of this.)

    …always look forward to COT e-mails …

  • cheryl

    eat healthier

  • Fran durba

    Try to make the best of each day. Good & bad, go with it. Drink more water to improve my health.

  • cheryl

    like you on fb
    cheryl s

  • Barbara C

    To follow what Gandhi said and try to be the change I want to see in the world and try to never forget people are only human.

  • tracy davis

    Exercise more.

  • Mike S.

    get my finances in order and save to purchase my first home

  • Trudy

    Get more exercise.

  • Trudy

    Train my dogs more often.

  • http://recipeforlife Chalie Jefferson

    Am drinking more water! Thanks for being in this with me. Want to be fit and healthy.

  • Michele

    My resolution is to spend more time reading the Bible, to start a journal, and to drink more water instead of juices or sodas.

  • Michele

    I liked recipe 4 living on Facebook.

  • b follett

    to remember that I am only human and can only do the best I can. Don’t have to be perfect.

  • tammey sweezer

    Hi. I believe if I had this I would drink more water, and this would help me drink more water which in turn would help me lose weight.

  • Rose

    live slimply like drinking more water to be healthy and happy

  • Lisa R

    Drink more water and incorporate juicing into my daily routine!

  • Christine

    to lose weight

  • Linda L

    To live my life by realizing that life begins at the end of my comfort zone.

  • Denise S

    I want to eat better and get in shape.

  • Patricia Eberle

    Eat well but also splurge once in a while. Read more books for fun and knowlege. Take some classes whether they be for exercise or for learning a new subject!

  • Karen Gonyea

    Get Financially and Physically Fit :)

  • Kyl Neusch

    eat healthier

  • Pamela Senduy

    Eat better. Less meat more vegetables. Cut out pop.

  • Rj

    Exercise more

  • Carol Mclemore

    My Resolution is to be better organized!

  • Carol Mclemore

    I Like Recipe4Living on Facebook.

  • McKim

    My resolution is to get my blood sugar under control.

  • http://Recipe4Livingviaemail Trudy McGinn

    I sure could use this water filtration system. I have city water and straight from the tap it taste terrible and I have to use strong cleaners because of the stains in the sinks, tub&shower and toilet, I hate to think that straight tap water is corroding my insides! Drinking more water is healthy for you! Coffee, pop, and juices aren’t unless you drink them in moderation.

  • McKim

    I ‘like’ Recipe4Living on facebook.

  • Donna

    My New year’s resolution is to stop smoking and eat healthier.

  • margie hanks

    I stopped smoking last aug. so now i have 25 lbs. to lose.

  • Lynda E

    As always it’s to get more exercise.

  • jeff howe

    Better water makes for better food, when cooking.

  • Lisa Piper

    My son is always onto me about drinking more water and I feel if I had good water I would.

  • http://recipies4living pat yost

    stop covering up odd tastes in water with artificial sweetened mixes and stick with pure water with a squeeze of lime

  • diane Baum

    My resolution is not to sweat the small stuff and drink more water

  • danielle lima

    to loose weight

  • Debra Hall

    i never make any

  • Sherry Holmes

    I resolve to drink more water.

  • Tabathia B

    I want to start walking more

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Tabathia B
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