Rabbit Food… Here I Come

a vegetarian/vegan soup

One of my favorite TV shows is Portlandia, mainly because it’s so brilliantly deranged. One of my favorite segments  of the show involves a hipster character riding his bike around Portland screaming things like “Bicycle Rights!” and “Go vegan!” I always laughed at that clip, but soon I’ll be joining the ranks of the vegan community.

The reasons I’m doing it are not health-related and I’m certainly not trying to convert the world, so I won’t be shoving it on others. I will be taking you through my transition from a meat-loving carnivore to what I can only imagine is a grass-eating rabbit. A skinny grass-eating rabbit, but still a grass-eating rabbit. I love jumping off the cliff of my comfort zone, so here we friggin’ go. 

So can veganism really be done? Is it expensive to do so? Will I be as nutritionally balanced as I was before? Most importantly, can I still eat donuts? I’ll be finding out all those answers throughout this process. I am getting some help in this transition though. Dr. Janet Brill, a nationally renowned nutritionist and fitness expert, has kindly agreed to help me through this process. I’m sure she’ll assure me that I’ll be eating more than just rabbit food. God, I hope so.

I failed to successfully convert to a vegetarian a few years ago, so this will be my shot at redemption. I think that with the right plan and delicious recipes (that I’ll be posting on our site), I can do it. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but I will be sharing my experiences with you, good, bad, and ugly, so get ready for them.

Are any of our readers vegan/vegetarian? Is it easier than I make it seem? Am I a big baby? Or is this really going to take work? Let me know!

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  • Jim Powell

    I haven’t eaten meat in 60 years,eating vegetarian/vegan is cheaper than eating meat, much healthier also!

  • http://www.chewonthatblog.com Dan Kamys

    Hi Jim!

    Great to hear! I figure this will be a great step toward my plan to live to 100. I’ll definitely need some recipes when I start this, so don’t be afraid to share some of your favorites on Recipe4Living!

    Thanks for reading!

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