My Favorite Movie and Food Combos

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To me, there’s nothing better than a great movie and some delicious home cooked food to go along with it. I’m not a movie theater kind of person; I’d much rather stay in, make a great dinner, and be free to get up, talk, or pause the movie whenever I want.  To me, nothing beats watching a great movie that includes food and enjoying a similar dish while I watch. Keep reading for my three favorite movie and food pairings!

Goodfellas and lasagna- Come on, this one’s too easy, isn’t it? First of all, Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies to begin with. It’s like The Godfather’s half-sibling with Joe Pesci (who is definitely not an amusing clown). The reason I think this movie goes to well with lasagna (and Italian food in general), is because of the prison scene where the garlic is being sliced with a razor blade. Personally, I don’t care about garlic enough to cut it that way, but they did. Here is the dish I recommend you serve for your personal Goodfellas screening:

Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce- This recipe calls for no-boil noodles for this popular dish- they’re a real time saver. Layer them straight from the package with lots of sauce; as the lasagna bakes and absorbs the liquid, the pasta will soften and expand. If your package contains 15 noodles, use an extra noodle in the first 3 layers when assembling lasagna.

Ratatouille and… you guessed it… ratatouille-  Another no-brainer, except this one’s in the title. If you’ve never had ratatouille, I highly suggest you try it. It makes a great cold appetizer served with some crusty bread, but can also be a wonderful vegetarian main dish. My favorite way to make it is to use the recipe below and turn it into sandwiches. Sidebar: who doesn’t love Pixar movies? Here’s my favorite ratatouille recipe:

Ratatouille Nicoise- This recipe comes from the French Riviera and can be eaten hot as an entree or cold as an appetizer. You can even saute some chicken or steak and serve it on the top for extra heartiness. This is something great to snack on!

Julie and Julia and beef bourguignon-  A movie about French cooking deserves to have one of the most famous French dishes alongside it right? Plus, who doesn’t like high-quality meat and pearl onions swimming in red wine? This is a really great combo if you’re having people over to watch the movie, too, because it’s a one pot dinner and people can serve themselves! Plus, the movie’s not the deepest thing in the world, so there’s plenty of room for conversation. Here’s my pick for the beef bourguignon recipe to go with it:

Fantastic Beef Bourguignon (it has the word fantastic in it, so make it)- Pieces of beef get fork-tender when they’re slow cooked together with red wine, mushrooms and vegetables to make this savory and delicious stew.

So those are my top three picks. Agree? Disagree? Have any additions? Let me know!



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