Soup In A Blender?! What’s Next, Ice Cream In An Oven?

Oster Blender

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my appliances. My stand mixer is for baking (on the rare occasions I do), my food processor is for chopping and salsas, and my blender is for making milkshakes. Again, my mind has been blown.

The folks at Oster sent me the Oster® Versa™ Performance Blender to try to prove me wrong when I told them I didn’t believe their blender could make soup. Hot soup. Not just blend the soup. Actually turn cold and raw ingredients into a piping hot bowl of soup. I am a soup lover. Soup’s the perfect winter meal, so how much easier can it get? I’ll tell you how. Read on!

an oster versa blender

For the recipe’s ingredients, please click this link. We’re going to be making a delicious bowl of Sour Cream Potato Soup. It has all the ingredients you’d want in a baked potato, but made into a delicious and portable soup form. It should be noted that in order to follow this recipe exactly, you’ll need to have a high performance blender with high enough RPMs to warm the soup. If you don’t, you can always heat the ingredients and then use a regular or immersion blender to combine the ingredients. But this Oster just simplifies things.

3 potatoes that are raw

Ready for the recipe? Well, if you gathered your ingredients, here’s what you do: put them all in the blender. Flip the switch on to the highest setting and let it go until smooth. If you’re using a high-performance blender, there should be steam coming out of the top when you open it. If there’s not, it’s not done. In the Oster, this took me around 10 minutes. The result? Take a look below and try to tell me that doesn’t look good enough to eat!

bowl of potato soup

  • Faye

    I have a Vitamix blender. It too makes hot soup from raw to cooked AND it makes ice cream too!! Love my Vitamix!!!

  • Dan Kamys

    That’s awesome! Yeah, I heard those were great too! It’s crazy what kitchen tech can do these days!

  • BStevens

    Whats new about soup in a blender..RONSEN
    had a great blender that could be cooked in… (60′s). However,my Ronsen is long gone and I will try the Sour Cream Potatoe Soup.

  • Dan Kamys

    Haha, I guess I was just used to the cheapos growing up. This is a great soup! Thanks for reading!

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