Chocolate: One of my Favorite Holiday Gifts to Give and to Receive!

Is there a better holiday gift to give and receive than chocolate? My answer is a firm no. Keep reading to learn about the reasons I love giving and getting chocolate this holiday season, and my favorite choices for unique chocolate gifts.

Reasons why chocolate is a great gift item:
1. It tastes great – duh.

2. Seriously, even the pickiest of relatives and friends can benefit from some kind of chocolate! Whether you give them chocolate bars for making homemade hot chocolate or white chocolate, people can be amazed at the creativity involved!

3. It creates moments of sharing. When someone in our gift circle on Christmas opens a chocolate gift, they instantly pass it around to share a taste with everyone. This is a welcome intrusion into present unwrapping time.

4. It exists in every price point.

5. Everyone says that gifting with experiences is way more meaningful than gifting with “stuff” — and let me tell you, eating chocolate is a fantastic experience!

With that being said, I am definitely giving a couple of Droga chocolate items to friends and family this holiday season. Following are a couple of my favorites.

Gingerbread Chookies

These treats have us begging for the answer to the question – why aren’t chocolate and gingerbread combined more often?! We absolutely loved these treats from Droga. For that kid or friend who doesn’t like their chocolate jazzed up with fruit or nut flavors, these Gingerbread Chookies are a match made in heaven.

Rebel Rocky Road

This exciting holiday gift box from Droga is filled with 9 chocolates that are created with lightly salted peanuts instead of traditional walnuts. They complete the clusters with handmade marshmallows and lots of premium chocolate. These candies launched the Droga chocolate company, and for good reason! We definitely recommend them for anyone on your list.

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