3 Easy Crescent Roll Appetizers from Pillsbury

Between holiday shopping and decorating, there’s almost no time to prep for this year’s big dinner. These delicious and easy appetizer ideas from Pillsbury will satisfy a room full of hungry relatives.

We know our readers can’t get enough of those buttery, melt-in-your mouth crescent rolls and we don’t blame you. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into these appetizers.

Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers by Pillsbury: In a tasteful and tasty appetizer twist, pastry squares made of convenient refrigerated crescent dough are stuffed with sweet-potato slices and cheese filling, then baked to a golden brown.

Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels by Pillsbury: Ranch dressing perks up a crowd-pleasing, cheesy crescent appetizer.

Blueberry, Walnut and Brie Tartlets by Pillsbury: Reduced-fat crescent roll dough forms bite-sized cups that hold a delicious combination of walnuts, brie cheese and blueberries.

For more crescent roll and appetizer recipes visit Pillsbury.com. And click here to see 5 of our favorite quick and easy crescent roll recipes.

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