Our 5th Annual Christmas Cookie Countdown is Here!

And the day is finally here! It’s an event we’ve planned for months and one that you have anxiously inquired about for weeks, the Christmas Cookie Countdown. Keep reading to learn about our countdown and to see the first cookie recipe we have for you.

Here is a link to The 5th Annual Christmas Cookie Countdown. Check it every day in December to see the newest holiday cookie we added to the list! And, please let us know if you have any requests as we love to hear from you!

The first recipe of our countdown is for Perfect Rolled Sugar Cookies. Having a great recipe for sugar cookies is the staple of any holiday baker’s collection, because sugar cookie dough is so versatile. Return to the basics and roll the dough, and use a drinking class to cut the cookies into circles that you can decorate or eat plain. Or, share your inner creativity and use cookie cutters shaped like trees, wreaths, or other holiday motifs to cut cookies into shapes which you can decorate with sprinkles, icing, candy, or a combination of all three.

What is your favorite kind of cookies to make during the holidays?

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