My Favorite Tongue Numbing Salsa

chips being dipped in a bowl of mango habanero salsa

I love spicy food. Being half-Hispanic, I guess you could say that it’s in my blood. Indian curries, Thai chicken, a pot of fire-alarm chili, and Mexican chile rellenos are some of my favorites. The spicier the better. My ultimate favorite though, is a tweaked version of this mango salsa recipe.

Instead of jalapeños, I kick it up about a million notches and use one and a half habañero peppers. I also add a small tomato to give the sauce a little fruitiness, and to cut the heat of the peppers.  If you click the link above, you can get the recipe. Just make my suggestions for my fire-alarm variant.

To make that spicy concoction, I go with the best tool I could find, (and trust me, if you’ve read my knives article, you know that I have tried A LOT of kitchen appliances). When I buy an item, I go for the end-all-be-all so I’ll never have to buy it again. That’s why this Magimix food processor will always have a place on my kitchen counter.

Magimix Food Processormagimix food processor attachments

I like easy. It’s why I like that salsa recipe and why I like this food processor. Three buttons: on, off, and pulse. No nonsense. Plus, it’s quiet, so if you’re anything like me and are a midnight snacker, you won’t wake up the rest of the house making your food. Did I mention the 30 year warranty? No typo there. Three decades. The warranty on this food processor is longer than I’ve lived. A little scary that mine’s covered until I’m in my 50s. But reassuring. Scary, but reassuring.

The above picture is everything I got with mine. Not everything that’s available, everything that’s inside the box. It’s a big box. To summarize, that’s three bowl sizes, four blades, egg whisk, a dough disc, a blender attachment, and a spatula. My fingers hurt. I can’t even count how many salsas you can make with all those attachments. The small bowl’s perfect for a midnight snack and the large is great for tailgating. So go ahead, treat yourself to a numb tongue and the king of all food processors.

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