Make Your Own Food Gifts!

In a tough economy, it’s not always easy to buy gifts for everyone that you’d like to show you care. We have some budget-friendly gift ideas that you can make yourself, and they’re tasty and cute! Keep reading to see the crafty ideas that we have up our sleeves… the only accessories you need are some gift tags and cute ribbon!

Over at Recipe4Living, we have lots of great gift-in-a-jar recipes. Check out this list of great ideas:
Chocolate Chip Cookies Gift in a Jar
Brownies Gift in a Jar
Truffle Mix in a Jar Recipe

Russian Tea in a Gift Jar
Pumpkin Nut Bread in a Jar
Coconut Brownie Mix in A Jar
Pecan Brownie Mix in a Jar

To make your gift extra special, buy some quality fabric ribbon in a festive color at a store such as Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. Tie your ribbon around the jar and create a bow.

Add a gift tag along with the recipe instructions for making the gift. Out of quality cardstock, cut a gift tag and tie a piece of ribbon through it. Use a paint pen in gold or silver to write the “to” and “from” lines, and add a special note. Maybe you have a great suggestion for when the recipient can make your gift. I enjoy writing something like, “The next time you’re scrambling for an after work treat and you need a quick and easy solution, make these cookies!”

Tips for Saving Money in the Make-Your-Own-Gift Hoopla:
1. Make in bulk. If you make the same gift jar a few times over, you can buy the ingredients necessary in bulk. Check your local Costco or Sam’s Club for better prices than you can usually find at the grocery store. Find everything in large sizes from ribbon to flour to gift labels.

2. Make it fun. It’s not a chore to assemble these gifts, it’s a blessing! Consider all the great people you have in your life, and use the opportunity to teach your children the benefit of making homemade gifts. There’s just something about receiving a present that was such a labor of love for another person. There’s room for a whole assembly line of hands to help with these projects, so get hubby or friends involved in the process too!

We recommend making homemade gifts for all of these people on your list:

  • Grandparents
  • Teachers and Extra-Curricular Instructors
  • Fellow club/group members
  • The Babysitter or Dog-Walker
  • Your Coworkers
  • Friends and Family
  • Gift Exchanges!

Tell me, foodies: Do you ever make homemade holiday gifts? What recipes do you like to make?


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    I make fude every year for friends and family

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