My Crazy Thanksgiving Schedule: Running a 5K, eating Turkey for Lunch, and Hosting a Dinner!

My Thanksgiving schedule got a bit of an update last night when I learned that I’d be packing even more food and fun into my day. Keep reading to hear about my schedule, and all of the fabulous things I’ll be making!

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and last night my schedule expanded in lots of good ways. My holiday will look something like this:
Morning: Run the 5K Turkey Trot with my beloved PWD, Merry. Yup, this girl.

Noon: Eat a Thanksgiving lunch with my husband’s parents. I will be bringing 2 appetizers, the Spinach Artichoke Dip in a Casserole Dish that was oh-so-popular last year, as well as a new Baked Brie recipe I’ve been dying to try. It’s good to live by the motto that you can never eat too much cheese.

Evening: I volunteered to have my parents over for a small Thanksgiving meal on Thursday night. I usually look to my Grandma’s best holiday recipes for inspiration. She made the best sweet potatoes smothered in butter and brown sugar, honey ham, baked green beans, and homemade stuffing. The great thing about a lot of these dishes is that I can set them up with all the ingredients in baking dishes / pans in the refrigerator, then pull them out and pop them in the oven on Thursday right on schedule. Amazing!

Do you have a hectic Thanksgiving schedule? Any secrets for keeping it cool and making great food even in a crunch?

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  • Pepper Polysteak

    I will be going to my boyfriend’s family’s house in Michigan where I plan on doing absolutely no cooking. I am making a cheesecake and packing it in a cooler, but that’s about it. Good luck with the 5k!

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