What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?

My family has several Thanksgiving traditions that we make sure to partake in every single year, and this is your year to find your tradition! Even if you don’t think you have one, start this year with a recipe or touch football game that you continue in the Thanksgivings to come. Keep reading to learn my traditions and get a bunch of great tradition-worthy recipes from Recipe4Living!

Here are my 5 favorite Thanksgiving traditions:

1. Two Thanksgiving Dinners
Since my now husband and I have been together for 6 years, we know each other’s families really well. Switching off the celebrations has never really been an option, so we’ve opted to celebrate twice! Sometimes, it means eating one meal on Wednesday and one on Thursday, but this year it means eating lunch at his parents’ and dinner at mine. I think our stomachs are up to the challenge!

2. Stuffing – Two Ways
Every year, all the relatives on my side of the family have the same debate – is it better tasting stuffing if it’s cooked in the turkey than if it’s cooked separately? Is the turkey more moist and flavorful if it’s cooked with stuffing inside? Last year, the consensus was that stuffing cooked outside the turkey was more delicious, but the turkey tasted better with stuffing cooked inside of it. So, we made stuffing both in and out of the turkey.

3. One Off-the-wall Dish Has to Make an Appearance
Last year, my cousin’s new wife brought White Castle Stuffing (recipe here) to our dinner, and it was fantastic. It’s made by breaking up sliders (bread, burger, and all!) and cooking it like stuffing. Even if it sounds weird or like it may give you a heart attack, Thanksgiving is all about trying new things.

4. Watch Football (or Pretend to)
Since my team (the Bears) is almost never playing on Thanksgiving, sometimes I pretend to be interested in the goings-on of other teams. Other times, I help in the kitchen.

5. Using a Dinner Plate for Dessert
Who says you have to use a saucer and cut yourself one measly slice of pumpkin pie? I always over-do on the Thanksgiving desserts, helped by the fact that everyone brings a dessert even if they’re bringing a dish for dinner. I sampled cookies, cake balls, and more last year.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition? Let me know in the comments!

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