Free Food Fridays: 3 People will Win the Marathon Bars Gift Pack! -ENDED

Are you someone who loves to snack but never chooses healthy options?  Then you need to enter this giveaway!  We are giving away a huge assortment of Marathon Bars, filled with fiber, vitamins, and natural ingredients!  There’s even a matching water bottle and bag! Keep reading to learn more and enter!

This week, we don’t have just one winner, but three.

Here’s some more info about these yummy treats:
The Core Line of Marathon Bars include energy bars and protein bars. MARATHON® Energy Bars can help provide the sustained energy and nutrients needed for a busy life. They are also an excellent source of fiber. As a low Glycemic Index food, MARATHON® Energy Bars provide the brain and working muscles with long-lasting energy.

So, now that you know they’re delicious, keep reading to learn how to enter!

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment on Chew on That below!

Additional Optional Entries (be sure to leave a comment for each thing you do)

2. Take the Marathon Bar Pledge and “like” Marathon Bars on Facebook! Visit their page here.

3. Tweet about the giveaway to @MarathonBars and @Recipe4Living.

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  • Janet Cobb

    I am a Senior Caregiver and these would be great to carry with me to snack on when I am working a 12-hour shift!

  • Ashley S

    I’d love to win! I’ve never tried them, but have seen them in the store. Thanks for the give away. :)

  • Sheri Loose

    I am always looking for a good alternative for in lunches….I hope I win! It will benefit a bunch of kids.

  • http://facebook joe botsko

    marathon bars, gotta have ‘em.

  • Bob Shields

    I am a senior gitizen and could use a little extra help in the get upand go area, hope I win.

  • Anne H.

    Never tried them, but would like to!

  • Teresa Ryals

    I’ve never had the Marathon bars but I would like to try them…anything I can do to eat more nutritious is a plus!!!

  • Cathryn Witty

    Trying to eat healthier and have protein for early morning flights

  • http://facebook lee dempsey

    Looking forward to tasting these, need the fiber!

  • Lisa Hentze

    I want to start eating healthy

  • Julie A

    It sounds yummy and healthy! :)

  • Julie A

    I Took the Marathon Bar Pledge and liked Marathon Bars on Facebook on facebook Here is my link for me :)

  • Julie A
  • Nancy Knepper

    I’ve never tried these, but I love good, nutritious bars, and if they’re actually yummy, that’s even better! :)

  • Frances

    This would be a great mid afternoon snack and take along in the car

  • sandra herzberg

    i am a dialysis patient (end stage renal disease) and these bars contain all the extra nutrients i need and they taste awesome too. hoping hoping hoping you pick me!

  • Karen K.

    I have been having alot of health problems lately and feel these would help me alot managing my diabetes. I could take some along in the car also, when I am on the run.

  • Christine York

    All the anti-abotics been making me sick. Now why didn’t I think of eating bars?? Great ideal!!!!

  • Brenda k

    Sounds Good Would Love To Try Them Thank You.

  • Cathy Greek

    I’m diabetic and always looking for healthy, no cornsugar, snacks. I would really like to try these and see if they are “Keepers”.

  • Cathy Greek

    Visited their page on Face book and “liked” they look so tasty!

  • Abbie Hammond

    I would love to win a healthier Snickers product :o)

  • Shirley

    These sound like they are very healthy. I am diabetic and my sister is on dialysis and this is something we could share. Thanks

  • Kim

    I love bars with blueberries…yum!

  • Ed

    Like to try something new for lunch.

  • Carol Brown

    Yumm. What a great way to never be without

  • kathleen

    I have heard about them and I would loved to try then.

  • Bryan B

    These sound good!

  • http://none Michelle Newman

    I am diabetic and always need to carry food and water for emergencies. this would be perfect! please let me win!

  • sandra

    id love to try this out but dont want to buy until i try a sample since im a senior citizen with limited income

  • Donna K

    It sounds good.

  • Linda Ball

    I have just discovered your program. One day I rushed home on my lunch hour(?) and saw it and I absolutely love it. I try real hard to eat healthy and you provide such “neat” and easy recipes that I run home and try to catch more of your programs. I finally saw your website and decided to enter to win that great marathon bar gift pack and munch away. Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • http://yahoo gwendolyn W

    I am a caregiver for my 80 year old mom and four grandchildren twenty-four hours a day and I’m always goiing from one point to another quickly and daily. this would be great in my truck for emergencies.

  • patrick d. murphy

    i am a disabled veteran whose meds leave me runned-down and drained. we are talking about an enery crisis here.

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