Fall Cake in a Jar

Is it just me or is September flying by? Halloween will be here before you know it and these adorable fall cakes served in mason jars are the perfect dessert for your Halloween party.

It’s super easy to make these cakes. Just use your favorite box of white cake mix, divide the batter into two bowls and use food coloring to dye the batter black and orange. You could also make a candy corn cake by dying the batter orange and yellow.

Layer the batter into the mason jars until they are half full. If you want the colors to be mixed a little more for a tie-dye effect, use a straw to swirl the batter around.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes in a baking tray filled with one inch of water.

To serve, garnish the cakes with whatever you’d like — frosting, whipped cream, sprinkles or even little plastic spiders!

You can see the full recipe over at The Family Kitchen.

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