Confessions of a Cereal Addict

Wake up, shower, eat cereal. This morning routine is probably familiar to millions of people, including myself. But for me, cereal isn’t just a breakfast food, it’s a breakfast, lunch and dinner food.

My obsession with cereal started at a young age. One of the cereals I remember eating was Alpha-Bits, because it’s delicious and educational. What better way to practice your vocabulary than with sugary cereal?

Then there comes that magical time in a child’s life when you discover the joy that is the gooey Rice Krispie treat. Forget snap, crackle and pop. I don’t want my Rice Krispies making noise, I want them covered in sticky marshmallows.

During my middle school and high school years I had a short stint with toaster strudels. Good, but at 6 a.m. I’m not awake enough to operate a microwave.  Then there was oatmeal, but strawberries and cream just didn’t cut it.

The college years I relied on cereal like most of my peers relied on cheap booze. When the dining hall was closed, cereal was there. When the chef at my sorority house made a less than satisfactory meal, cereal was there. When I needed a late night snack, cereal had my back.

And so it began, the easy meal of milk and processed God knows what became a staple in my diet. So General Mills if you ever need a spokesperson, I’m your girl.

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