Enter to Win Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic® Pickles – ENDED

It’s not very often that we can review our weekly giveaways with such a personal recommendation, but after trying many varieties of these Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic® pickles, we can ensure that this prize is a good one! Keep reading to see our review and learn more about their newest pickle varieties.

With tailgating season finally here, we know that a set of these Vlasic® pickles are just what you need for your next sports or TV-watching party.

Here’s a little bit more information about the different varieties of Vlasic® pickles available this fall:

Bread & Butter: These pickle chips are very sweet, with just the right hint of butter. We love the carrots and sweet red peppers that are mixed in, because they give this jar an extra look of color and sweetness.

Deli: If you just love classic pickles, this deli variety is definitely for you. These half pickles are perfect for eating alongside your favorite sandwich, or simply for snacking. The carrots and sweet peppers definitely give the deli pickles an added dimension of flavor that you won’t find in other varieties.

Kosher Dill: We love the stronger flavor in these kosher dill pickle halves. Serve these on the side at your barbecue, be it with burgers or hot dogs, and you’ll see how eager people are to add them and the extra veggies in the jar to their plates.

Zesty Garlic: One of the best varieties of them all, these pickle chips have just the right amount of garlic for flavoring. We love that it’s not overpowering, but these pickles are a welcome substitute for the minced garlic I regularly throw on my food! Try these zesty garlic pickles as part of your antipasto tray for an appetizer at the next big game.

Not only do we recommend getting some of these fabulous pickles this fall, but you can win the chance to try them ALL, right here on the blog! If you win, you’ll also get the awesome Grilling Set pictured below!

Here’s how you can enter!

1. Leave a comment for Chew on That telling us which variety of Vlasic® Pickles you’re most excited to win, and what you’ll do with them!

And, here are additional optional entries. Leave a comment to tell us what you did!

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Click here to learn more about these awesome pickles!


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  • Sarah Hill

    I like the stork

  • Carrie Frink

    I love, love, love the Kosher Dill’s (both whole and spears)! I just finished eating a jar of the whole one’s…I eat them straight out of the jar! They are so delicious!

  • Bryan B

    ‘Tweeted and follow Recipe4Living on Twitter. twitter name Deals4Family tweet https://twitter.com/Deals4Family/status/250682543098167296 :)

  • Christine A.

    I am a huge garlic fan- so I would like to try the Zesty Garlic first!

  • Bryan B

    Follow all Recipe4Living’s Pinterest page Repined football cupcake image http://pinterest.com/pin/69594756712962753/

  • Christine A.

    I like Vlasic on FB. (christine arcidiacono)

  • Michelle Neal

    I am most looking forward to the opportunity to win the bread & butter pickles.. They would go great with a nice end of summer picnic.

  • http://aol Sally Hopp

    I love kosher dills with everything, When I was pg I ate them for breakfast, now I eat them all the time.

  • http://aol Sally Hopp

    And I like the stork too!

  • Christine A.

    I like Recipe4life on FB and shared- what is your favorite pie?

  • Melissa Dempsey

    I would love to win the Bread and Butter pickles!! I would add them to my potato salad or just eat them out of the jar. I’ve already had the Deli one and they were just to die for. So wonderful tasting. I loved the carrots and chunks of garlic in it also. Now I would love to try the sweetness of the Bread and Butter ones.

  • Michelle Neal

    I “liked” you on Facebook. and look forward to checking out your posts.

  • crider

    pickles are all scrumptious

  • Jeanne Hollenstein

    Hi, I’ve already tried the Bread and Butter ones, and they were Fantastic!! Now, I’d like to try all the rest of them!! I liked yal on Facebook and I will like Recipe4Living on Facebook. Thank You for this opportunity to win these wonderful Pickles. I used to can my own, but have gotten to where I can’t because of health issues.

  • Maree Grandy


  • joe botsko

    love those bread and butters, could eat them all day.

  • Cathryn Witty

    The Bread and Butter ones are great…I have been snacking on these and cannot get enough of them….they are definitely addictive. I love the carrots and peppers in the jar as well. These are perhaps the best bread and butter pickles I have ever had. I have liked facebook and recipe4living.

  • Kimberly

    I would love to win the kosher dill to try with a sandwhich! I have had the bread and butter they are wonderful!!!

  • Joyce Wallace

    We buy your pickles weekly, and love them with hamburgers and hot dogs. And I posted your giveaway to my facebook page. Thanks for the giveaway, and keeping my fingers crossed to win!

  • Maree Grandy

    love vlastic dill

  • connie moore

    I liked on facebook

  • angela lippman

    koesher dill! delicious!

  • Linda Delaney

    I would really like the bread and butter variety.
    I would just crack open the jar and snack freely! And then smile!

  • Marga

    Kosher dills, straight from the jar, perhaps even hiding in the closet so I won’t have to share!

  • Marga

    I already like the stork! I also like Recipe4living and shared their dessert crock pot recipe post. I repinned lemon yogurt marinated chicken on Pinterest

  • Julie A

    I would like try the garlic pickles with my family and eat out of the jar.

  • Julie A

    I liked Vlasic Stork on facebook.
    I liked Recipe4Living on facebook.
    I shared the contest as public on my timeline. Here is my link http://www.facebook.com/Juliemoso

  • Julie A

    I follow Recipe4Living twitter tweeted https://twitter.com/nicemom4/status/250822300260261888

  • Julie A

    I liked Vlasic Stork & Recipe4Living Facebook Not sure if supposed to posted separate :)

  • Julie A
  • barb king

    Gotta love the Kosher Dills……..

  • merri matalon

    I am most excited to win Zesty Garlic Pickles! I liked Vlasic Stork on facebook. I liked Recipe 4Living also. I shared dessert crock pot recipe post.

  • Kayla

    They all sound interesting but I think I’d like to try the Deli ones most.

  • Donna K

    Zesty Garlic to eat out of the jar.

  • Donna K

    I ‘LIKE’ the Vlasic® Stork on Facebook (Donna Kozar)

  • Donna K

    I ‘LIKE’ you on Facebook (Donna Kozar)and shared a post.

  • Donna K
  • Donna K
  • Bryan B

    The bread and butter ones sound good!

  • Bill V

    Pickles, Let me have them… I love them all they are just so delicious, so hard to pick one jar!

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