Oreo Introduced a New Flavor – Candy Corn!

Oreo has given us new flavors in the past, such as Birthday Cake and White Chocolate-covered Oreos, but none is more unexpected than the Candy Corn Oreo that came out on Monday, September 10. Keep reading to learn more about this tasty fall treat! Confession: I cannot wait to try these candy corn-flavored Oreos. Usually I am not all about these cookies, but there’s something strange and weird about these yellow and orange frosting creations that I want to try one just to see how it tastes. Part of me can’t even imagine how awesome these cookies might be.

Here’s what I’m planning to do once I get my hands on a pack of Candy Corn Oreos:

1. Eat one.

2. Eat one by twisting the two cookie halves apart like we all did in elementary school.

3. Make vanilla cupcakes and use one on top for garnish.

I will admit, trying one with a glass of milk is not on my list. That’s a little too weird.

Tell me: What would you do with a Candy Corn Oreo?

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  • http://recipe4living Jewelene

    Eat one or two or maybe three,oh what the heck I would eat the whole pack.

  • Pepper Polysteak

    Jen knows what is UP!

  • Larry Reid

    Looks Good

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