Make the Chocolatiest Brownies: Labor Day, Halloween, Birthdays and Beyond!

Whether you’ve got a child’s class birthday party approaching, need a last-minute no-bake brownie recipe for today’s Labor Day get-together or are thinking forward to treats for Halloween (with pumpkin flavor included!), there is a recipe here for you to feast on. Read on for our favorites, including a blog post with a how-to guide with photos.

Brownies are one sweet treat I can’t say “no” to
. I am not big on chocolate (give me a sour patch kid or steak and potatoes sans dessert any day), but there is just something so homey and special about fresh-baked brownies. The smell of them cooking reminds me of childhood, especially when my mom would make them for my class on my birthday. We have many birthdays coming off up the office, so I’ve given each person their own brownie:

For my co-worker Deena, I’ve chosen the Sugar Free Fudgey Brownies. Deena pays attention to what she eats like any healthy person should, and this recipe uses Equal instead of tons of sugar. It’s just as delicious as the real thing!

The next birthday in the office is Allison’s. She is always on the go and is also an active girl who likes a morning run, so I’ve chosen the No-Bake Fudgey Brownies especially for her. Easy and still tasty, this recipe is great when you don’t have the time to watch the oven.

Following Allison on the birthday roster is Jen, a girl who (no bones about it) is very clear (and honest) about her love of treats. For Jen I’ve chosen two stellar options for her sweet tooth: the Turtle Brownies and the Milky Way Brownies. I know she will prefer both to an afternoon vending machine attack.

For our co-worker Scott, I’ve chosen the Super Cream Cheese Brownies. He’s just…super. And he likes bagels with cream cheese. Done and done.

Looking forward to Fall? Try one of these!

Easy Pumpkin Brownies
Mary’s Irish Cream Brownies
Luscious Apple Brownies

Are you a crazy fan of chocolate?

Back in the day here on Chew on That, Hillary showed us how to make some of the chocolatiest brownies ever. Check them out!

This is my last recipe post for Chew on That, all…I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts and hope you dive into these awesome brownie recipes. How do you like to celebrate birthdays and holidays? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

-Emilie :)

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  • Heather

    I love pumpkin and I”m sorry your posts will be no more. Come back? LOL

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