8 Great Ways to Make Your Kids Ecstatic about Their Meals!

It’s definitely a blast from the past when I think about all the ways my parents made my meals more fun. Keep reading to see my top 8 secrets for making kids excited to eat their meals, and get some recipes to go along with them! Transform a boring sandwich into a fun smiley face. Use a round-rimmed glass to cut the crust away from the middle of a sandwich, and then draw on eyes and a smile with a condiment or even other pieces of your child’s lunch. They’ll love it, we promise.

Add cheeseto potatoes, noodles, bread… basically anything. There’s a reason why Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese are some of kids’ favorite dinners!

Modify fruits and veggies to include a bonus sweet treat! Apples never tasted better with caramel, and peppers and celery go great with Ranch dressing or cream cheese. Embrace the extras, and kids will learn to eat their ordinary veggies and fruits.

Play pretend!Construct the ordinary pieces of a fruit salad into one of your kid’s favorite bugs, animals, or flowers, and watch them admire your handiwork (and eat it!)

Add color when possible– kids are absurdly fascinated with the wonders of food coloring. Do you doubt me? Try making eggs green or blueberry pancakes blue and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Bonus points for making a food look radioactive with a bright neon color.

Add bugs for boys, because what grade school youngster doesn’t like tricking their sisters with gummy worms and swedish fish? Make a dirt pudding with chocolate pudding and Oreo cookie crumbs. Let your daughters decorate theirs with flowers made out of colored wafer cookies, and your sons will have lots of fun using sour and sweet gummies to make their creations.

Entice with sugar and spice and you’ll be surprised at how you can get your kids to eat very surprising things. Are your kids finicky with oatmeal, tomatoes, or even grapefruit? Add a sprinkle of sugar and watch their eyes light up. Plain toast or even french toast seems boring to your children? Add some cinnamon for extra impact.

You can never go wrong with whipped cream. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, or dinner, kids want this dairy product on everything! When my dad knew I had a tough day, he’d add whipped cream to our waffles.

And, here are some great kid-friendly dinner ideas!

Nachos: These nachos are my kids’ and grandkids’ favorite. They’re easy to make and you can use ground beef, chicken or turkey.

Slugs and Worms: This is a fun dinner to make before going trick or treating on Halloween night! Be warned though, it may gross you out! But the kids love it!

Taco Casserole: This is now a favorite dish in our home. My kids love it because they can help make it. This recipe was given to me by a co-worker for a different way to use ground beef. It is filling and not hard to make.

Whole Wheat Pizza: This is a quick and simple recipe that makes a good pizza that is healthy for you.

Simple Chicken Pot Pie: If you have a tube of refrigerated biscuits in the fridge, you can accomplish many culinary works.

Neat Sloppy Joes: No green pepper in this recipe, so it’s a hit with kids. We added this to the menu at a children’s camp, and it has been a favorite for several years. The mixture is thick, so they are ‘neat’ rather than sloppy. This freezes and reheats well.

Frito Ole: This could be every child’s food fantasy. You have to scroll down to read the ingredients and directions of this kid friendly meal.


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