Some of my Favorite Blackberry Recipes

It’s about this time of year that berries are ready to be picked from my garden, and boy, do I love cooking with them! Keep reading to hear about some of my favorite blackberry recipes, Blackberry Kuchen: Homemade dough, streusel and fresh blueberries make this one tasty dessert.

Blackberry Custard Pie: If you start out with a pre-prepared pie shell, this one is a snap to prepare at the last minute.

Blackberry Bread Pudding: A great solution for what to do with stale bread, this bread pudding adds a little something.

Blackberry Cobbler: A less common fruit choice for cobbler, this one is simple to prepare and surprising.

Russ’s Blackberry Sauce: This delightful treat has many uses. You can also pour the hot sauce into sterilized jars and seal with paraffin for long time storage.

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