Creative Labor Day Party Ideas

Toast the end of summer with these creative party ideas.

Have a Labor Day Picnic: Instead of grilling in your backyard, enjoy the day at the park or forest preserve with your family. Pack plenty of drinks, food and a big blanket. The only question is which of these 150 recipes will you make?

Host a Bonfire: Invite over friends and family for a relaxing bonfire. Sip some drinks and make s’mores!

Throw a Dessert Party: Everyone’s favorite course is dessert, so why not skip right to it? Set up a dessert bar with several ice cream flavors, toppings, cones and syrups.

Have a Block Party: Shut down your street and have a neighborhood bash. Have everyone bring a dish or have it catered and set up some fun games for the kids.

Use Those Leftover Fireworks: Once it gets dark, get out the leftover 4th of July fireworks and put on a mini show. The kids will love getting to see another fireworks show!


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