How to Make Sprinkle Cake Toppers

I discovered this cute cake topper while browsing Pinterest and had to know how to make it! I found the tutorial on this awesome blog called Kojo Designs. The blog is written by two sisters and one of them made this cake topper for her daughter’s birthday.

Step 1: Tape a piece of parchment paper on your computer screen.

Step 2: Trace out the number from your word processor onto the parchment paper.

Step 3: Place the parchment paper under a piece of wax paper.

Step 4: Use a piping bag to fill in the number with melted almond bark. (I bet you could experiment with other types of candy, like chocolate, also!)

Step 5: While the candy is still wet, cover the number entirely with sprinkles.

Step 6: Let the candy harden, then place on your cake.

Think of all the toppers you could make. Try this with letters, shapes, or even spelling out entire words on your cake! You could even used different colored sprinkles for different holidays.

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  • Jenny Buchanan

    idea for a cake.. Janie

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