Olympic Themed Food and Party Ideas

You only get the opportunity to host a party for the summer Olympics every 4 years, so it’s time to pull out all the stops to impress your guests for the closing ceremony. From creative foods and cocktails inspired by the Olympic rings to backyard sporting events, your party will be one for the record books.

Olympic cookies: Make your favorite cookies, cover with white frosting, then add an M&M in each color of the rings.

Hurdles: Stick hula hoops in the ground for some homemade hurdles. Kids and adults will love pretending to be track and field stars as they jump over them.

Edible torches: Serve popcorn in ice cream cones-edible Olympic torches!

Discus throw: Give each guest a frisbee and see who can throw it the farthest.

Decorate a flag: Wrap white fabric around sticks and let guests get creative in designing their own flags.

Medal plates: Buy gold and silver plates from a party store to mimic the medals on your table.

Lifesaver cocktails: Add green, red, blue and yellow lifesavers to cocktails for edible Olympic rings.

Ring wreaths: Cover 5 styrofoam rings from a craft store in yarn the color of the Olympic rings and hang them on your wall for official looking decor.

Flags: Create centerpieces by placing several mini flags in a glass vase. Also try sticking them in drinks, or top cupcakes with mini toothpick flags.

Have any other creative ideas? Let us know in the comments!


Photos courtesy of The Examiner and A Small Snippet.

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